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ZZtech PAI not fire charged electronic cigarette vape up to 25 electron cigarette pod compatibility for iqo stick vs jouz 20

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Product introduction:

PAI e-cigarette is a low-temperature non-combustion type constant temperature plus hot rod, suitable for wanbaolu, HEETS,Bellman and other series of smoke bombs.Intelligent PAI PAI internal high precision circuit control high rate lithium battery, right Heat up at constant temperature of the plate-like heating body, which can change the high and low temperature level by cutting and pressing the key three times within 2 S.Smoke bomb straight Plug type, one time use, single key operation, ten minutes simple single, then carry.

If you want to buy blue, green, red or silver, please order white or black and note the color you want.Quantity is not much, want to buy order immediately.

Product parameters:

1. Press the button on/off: in non-smoking state, long press the button 5S to switch on/off. 2. Smoking: in the starting state, hit the switch for 3 consecutive times within 2S, heating will start, and the motor will vibrate once and the LED will slow flash, reaching the set temperature , the motor vibrates twice and the LED lights up and starts smoking.The heating time of a single cigarette cartridge is 240s or 16 mouthfuls On smoking;After smoking, the motor will vibrate once and the LED light will go off to enter power-saving mode.2S can be paused by pressing the middle long button Smoking, LED light off, stop heating. 3. Temperature range cutting and changing: the switch can be hit continuously within 2S before and after heating, and the temperature range can be changed.Blue LED low temperature, white LED high temperature, can be used according to the appropriate temperature switch. 4 cleaning power: the surface of the heating piece is still black after cleaning, you can use circuit cleaning.Specific operation, in the boot state, 2S connected 5. Click switch, the pink LED light will stay on, and the intelligent cleaning will start, and the time will be 30 seconds.

It comes with:

1*The PAI host 1*USB cable 1*Instructions 1*The packing box



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