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Authentic Vape Kit heat not burn loaded Electronic Cigarette Vaper suitable for IQO stick Heets sticks device vs TABO 1.0

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Authentic Vape Kit heat not burn loaded Electronic Cigarette Vaper suitable for IQO stick Heets sticks device vs TABO 1.0

Instructions 1.1 insert the smoke bomb into the hatch (insert the smoke bomb all the way to the bottom). When the heating is finished, hold the smoke bomb suction nozzle, and take it out directly after turning left and right, as shown in the right figure. The purpose of rotation is to relax the smoke bomb and the heating rod, so that the whole used smoke bomb can be taken out without residual stains. 1.2 press the on / off key for 3 seconds to start or shut down the machine. Press the key for 3 seconds to vibrate. After the indicator flashes for 8 times, the light will turn on for a long time and enter the smoking working state. After 4 minutes, the vibration will remind. The indicator will flash for 20 times and turn off automatically. The whole heating working time is 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Press the on / off key once to check the power through the LCD screen. 1.3 signal indicator light (the indicator light flashes when charging, flashes when no power is available, and goes out when fully charged.) R1.4 temperature adjustment + key (when the heating enters the working state, press the "+" key to increase the temperature. When the temperature rises one degree every time, the temperature character on the display screen changes rapidly and rises in a long time. The maximum temperature can be adjusted to 360 degrees. This key can only be used to adjust the temperature when the machine is started and smoking is started). 1.5 temperature regulation - key (press "-" key when heating enters the working state, and the temperature will drop by one degree every time, and the temperature character on the display screen will change rapidly in a long time, and the minimum temperature can be adjusted to 300 degrees. This key can only be adjusted when the machine is turned on and smoking is started). 1.6 micro USB charging port (please select charging line of more than 1.5 A) or charging time will be affected. 1.7 LCD display screen (temperature and electricity display, default status display 330 degrees, adjust the temperature through "+ -" key, so that consumers can adjust to the ideal taste according to smoking habits, the higher the temperature, the greater the smoke quantity, if there is no power, the electricity character and indicator light flash quickly, indicating that they want to charge) 1.8 protection cover of smoke cabin (hold the cigarette with your thumb and push it up slightly, it can open 90 degrees automatically, as shown in the right figure: it is convenient to clean the heating rod and the built-in smoke cabin. For the sake of safety, it is forbidden to open the protection cover in the smoking work, and there are more than 300 high temperature heating rods inside, so as to avoid hurting people. Open it after it is cold for cleaning) 1.9 special peek high temperature material shall be used for the smoke cabin (after the used smoke bomb is drawn out, there is smoke residue in the smoke cabin, open the protection cover of the smoke cabin, and use a brush to clean the smoke cabin). 2.0 heating rod (it is made of alumina ceramic material, and the temperature reaches more than 300 degrees when heating. It is forbidden to open the protection cover of the smoke chamber during heating work, and it is forbidden to rub and collide with sharp objects to avoid damaging objects) Total weight 95g Charging mode micro USB Input Voltage 5V / 1.2A Charging time 2.5h Output voltage 3.4-4.2v Protection function short circuit protection overcharge protection over discharge protection low voltage protection temperature protection Battery capacity 2000 Ma 20-25 cigarettes Constant temperature control of heating rod cylinder IV. quality assurance 1. The warranty period of this product is 90 days 2. Please do not use this product near inflammable materials, liquids or gases. The fault caused by the above improper operation is not covered by the warranty. 5. Precautions 1. Please do not attempt to remove the electronic cigarette host, maintain or replace any components and batteries of this product - this may cause injury. 2. It is not allowed to drop the electronic smoke at will, and the internal fuselage is not allowed to infiltrate water. This product does not have the waterproof function. 3. Do not use more than dc5.3v power supply to charge the USB port of electronic cigarette. Do not put the host outside for charging. Please keep it properly for cleaning and drying. 4. After the low-voltage alarm of the battery body, please charge it in time to avoid long-term storage and battery damage due to over discharge of electricity. Please keep away from children, pregnant women and patients.



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